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Takealot.com (styled takealot.com') is a South African e-commerce company based in Cape Town, South Africa. As the country’s largest online retailer, takealot.com has helped grow online shopping in South Africa, and was the first local retailer to take part in Black Friday.


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Current Employee - Customer Service Associate says

"I have been working at takealot.com full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Everything: from under qualified team leaders, to gossiping and slandering, victimization, long hours of labor to under paying employees"

Python Developer says

"I worked at takealot.com for more than a year Cons: Managers dont care about the employees, they just want to protect themselves."

Current Employee - Warehouse Operator says

"I have been working at takealot.com full-time for more than 3 years Cons: racisim management all whites no black person"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at takealot.com full-time for less than a year Cons: Poor leadership Low staff morale Understaffed Lack of direction Zero worklife balance"

Current Employee - Business Development Manager says

"I have been working at takealot.com full-time Cons: Poor company culture and leadership"

Former Employee - Human Resources Administrator says

"I worked at takealot.com full-time for more than a year Cons: Very demanding environment and stressful"

Current Employee - Driver Partner says

"I have been working at takealot.com part-time for less than a year Cons: Fine you without notice or reason Hostile work environment Hypocritical Management"

Former Employee - Supply Chain Manager says

"I worked at takealot.com full-time for less than a year Cons: The company actively encourages people to compete with their team mates which making building a strong, supportive team very hard"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at takealot.com full-time for more than a year Cons: Too little done for overall morale - very separate from the warehouses and other locations - warehouse staff often feel left out and sidelined for career prospects into the "corporate office" Hiring bad leaders - micro managers - hugely affected team culture and overall morale Leaders who generally do not greet when you greet them, negative reputations"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"I worked at takealot.com full-time for more than a year Cons: The company culture needs work. It's not diverse. The company also doesn't have a great package offering (like befits for employees)"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"I personally signed a contract with takealot 2 months ago and I was told I will get a call and will start immediately.. It's now going to third month and even now I am still waiting for call from the hub manager. I feel there is a lot of unprofessional staff at takealot that gives jobs to friends and family members. It took me a lot of money to make copies and get all car docs together now to sit at home. docs Cons: No comments"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"Am working almost a year at take alot. My own car my own petrol my own date every thing. Gets R15 a parcel I deliver. Got 2 shirt and had 2 pay my own jacket. U get lots of problems from clients and need 2 drive after them if not at home. Petrol a leter cost more than wat u get a parcel. And u destroy your car not worth it. Boss don't care nothing about u. Clint are right u are rong ore go find a new job"

driver code 14 (Former Employee) says

"It's not easy doing deliveries here you start working at 5 Mondays and 6 everyday knocking off at 21.00 and at 22.00 on a Friday and Saturday nights. No lunch you eat as you go and there are too much fines and deductions Cons: Long hard hours"

Admin (Current Employee) says

"Worst company to work for. Anything Takealot.com stay away. Working for a Takealot Franchise is the worst ever ! They don't pay always wants to take money from you. Long hours, little salary and they still deduct from it. Treat you like a slave. There's no growth. Boring company. Cons: peanuts salary, long hours, no growth, overwork"

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"Underpaying employees and overwork. The culture is the worse in the industry! Management and Team Leaders are under skilled, unprofessional and judgemental. Things needs to change at takealot before the company falls apart! Not only do they sell cheap Chinese goods at unreasonably high prices - the superiors are to focused on gossiping and catfights or having relationships with each other than to be customer orientated! The CEO needs to check his staff, management and employees before its to late... I'd never recommend anyone to work here - they will crush your spirit - and not because you can't do your job but because they don't like your face or the colour of your skin or personal grudge. .. You have been warned !!!! Cons: Underpay, unprofessional, overwork, culture sucks"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Team Leaders are unprofessional and very narrow minded aswell as childish. The culture is horrible, instead of working together they work people out the company. Superiors has relationships with their agents, u don't get seen for how hardworking u are only if u are buying face. Underpaid overworked, half hour lunch, no benefits. Worse Company to Work for this is why they always recruiting Cons: Unprofessional, management underskilled, long hours, no benefits, underpay"

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Never liked working there the money is not nice, there is no benefits."

Escalations (Current Employee) says

"Takealot is not what I expected it to be. NOT FUN! your personal issues get discussed with everyone else.... Team Leaders are not qualified for the position.. Favouritism is of a serious issue... You air your concerns you become a target... Very judgemental, Power Trips and Office Bullying by females are disgraceful... Everyone in higher management are friends so you go against one you have all of them to face... Even if you are brilliant at what u do, you won't make permanency because you are the enemy hence they always looking to recruit. Be warned it's one of the worse companies you could work for Cons: Favouritism, Office Bullies, Under Qualified Team Leaders"

delivery driver (Current Employee) says

"It a nice company were you can you work on you time ,and earn a good living ,but it has no medical aid ,and it a job you real don't have to do for the rest of you life Cons: Work in you convinent time"

Packing / Picking Champion (Supervisor) says

"Takealot.com is a misrable company to work for I worked as outbound packing champ & the company does not care about the staff at all they also use employment agencies & staff come & go on a daily basis. This company is your downfall in life consider any other company but Takealot.com Cons: Long hours shift work & no insentives at all Management does not care"

picker and packer (Former Employee) says

"It's good working at Takealot if you're really looking for money"

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Though it is a fun and an environment that promotes growth and personal improvement. I believe Takealot.com does not reward it's agents in fact it seeks to cap the earning potential of agents. The customer service team is the most hard working team in any company yet in this company it is taken for granted. There are no incentives, limited opportunities to make more cash unlike some of the biggest call centers. Cons: Salary, Employee Benefits, No transportation provided to travel back home."

online shopping assistant (Former Employee) says

"They care more about the Management and tret the new take ins like the scum of the earth they also don't clean there got sick thrice in one month and the managers act all nice to you to your face but one does not know what is said in the shadows. I'm not the only one who thinks this."

Inbound project coordinator (Current Employee) says

"It was horrible. I felt like it could of been a typical American high school movie where your managers are the bullies!"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"It's not a job that you will intend on working for ever, because you will work till you feel you wonna die. They treat people like nothing, there's no level of respect. It's my first month working there but by January am leaving, or if the pay doesn't meat my expectations I will leave on my first my. An aslo you will get fined for things you don't know. Don't come here if you were expecting to see Jesus because you fine the devil . Cons: Long hours, you'l be a takealot work slave."

Customer Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Working at Takealot was pretty awesome, felt like my second home. Cons: Long hours"

general worker (Current Employee) says

"it productintive ive ain a lot of skills here at take alot .evrything is good here i learned how to work in the warehouse because it was my first time.management they are kind...my co-workers they kind and easy going poeple..the hardest part of my job is when im feeling cold in the warehouse because they dont allow us to wear bennies...when my manager bought us launch and when my manager told that im doing a better job Cons: more skills to learn"

Customer Service Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Dealing with angry and happy customer, learnt to be target driven. Cons: long hours"

Returns Clerk (Current Employee) says

"I have learnrd to work independently,team work and to work under pressue.Double checking my work and also submitting neat work..Working under pressue made me realize that i can do more"

Customer Service Agent (Current Employee) says

"At Takealot its all about keep the client happy.I had good days when i started but it all went away..team leaders treating you like you their children seeing fault in everything ect. My reason why i want to leave here is no benefits you stay a contractor until they decide they had enough of you. Cons: strict"

Poeletso frans Masalesa says

"I logged a return on the 18 November 2020 for My Gloxy F282 Speedlight Ref(RR-91bc-58cf), of which the Speedlight just started to mul-function, stopped flashing. Since did''nt here a word for takealot, until beginning if December when the item was delivered to me, the same way as i returned it as which i sent the item back because i was still mul-funtioning . when i enquired via email why was the item returned without being fixed, i was told the item was tested it was okay . i was not happy with the reply i got, i therefore requested the they give it to someone who knows about Photography to test.

They went silent of i had to enquire again about the item , day in they out about the item ,, the reply was just ""the matter is being escalated to relevant department"' everyday i get a lame apology and that my matter is being escalated,, while my business is at the stand still, for me this is affecting my livelihood its also effecting me financially because i have to hire a speedlight,. Lately i recieved an email that i have to log a new return, which doesnt make any sense to,,, its im being played for a fool its been 2 months since i returned the item now i must log a new return,, this bad service and incompetence,, how in hell does it take 2 months to solve my matter, i spoke to about 7 different agents and all of then are just telling nonsense its. Its so unfair and frustrating at this stage im pissed to the last degree. its been too long, im not getting any joy from takealot,, because everytime i enquire all i get is the same lie "the matter is being escalated to the relevant department,,, this is bad customer service.. or maybe they're waiting for the Warranty to expire😡. All im asking now is give me a Working Speedlight and stop making a fool of me and waiting my time by lying to saying my matter is being escalated. i feel unhappy and i lost trust in takealot... takealot has failed me bigtime....... again i repeat all i want a a working speedlight asap."

Anton Wentzel says

"Ordered a laptop stand, Takealot shipped the wrong and much cheaper one. Still waiting for the returns department to "Check Eligibility".

Don't bother with Takealot anymore, this company is now a joke."

Minet Honiball says

"I have always been an avid Takealot consumer and supporter, but I have to say these past two months have been incredibly frustrating dealing with their returns department. My new iPhone camera was fogging up (and it’s supposed to be waterproof); I sent it in on 28 Oct 2020 for review for repair / refund / exchange since it was still under warranty. It has been over two months now and I still do not have my phone back. I was told that there is a 21 day policy which says that if your return is not sorted by then they will refund you, however, they keep relogging my return under a different code in order to bypass this policy. Eventually, they passed the buck to the supplier who then reported that there was a crack in the camera (invisible to the naked eye - very convenient) and therefore my warranty is voided. This was also after the warehouse reported that there was nothing wrong with the phone and just wanted to send it back. Every time I email or phone, I am told “the situation will be escalated” and it’s a round-robin blame game between the supplier and the warehouse. No one has taken responsibility for this terrible service and I am honestly fed up. We even purposefully requested to speak to a team leader and were told someone would phone back within an hour, we are still waiting for that call 2 days later."

Donne' says

"Many years ago, this was Take2, it used to be fantastic, never a problem and customer service was really great. I loved doing my online shopping with them.... The last few years I have had nothing but trouble with TakeAlot, incorrect orders being delivered to me, orders that are incomplete, no responses to any emails sent, no refunds, REALLY bad service from the young girl (I say girl because she most assuredly did not behave like a lady) behind the counter at a pick-up point, lodged a complaint about that, no response.... after reading so many negative reviews on this site, as well as Hello Peter, i have only one burning question..... DOES ANYONE AT TAKEALOT ACTUALLY GIVE A DAMN? They certainly don't seem to be too concerned with all the negative reviews, they certainly don't seem to be concerned with satisfying and KEEPING customers either - boggles the mind !
I have been buying from Amazon and have never had one problem with them, so have made the decision to rather pay the import duty and buy FAR BETTER QUALITY items from Amazon, than to ever give another cent of my hard earned money to TakeAlot."

Roland says

"Unprofessional!! Keep on lying.. I've been waiting on a order for 3eeeks now.. And when I asked for a refund on that delivery, they simply ignored me.. Emails aren't getting any responses at all.. Baddest experience in buying something.. Poorr!!! They promised me that it will be delivered today! And here I am still waiting.."

Brett Ward says

"Really shocking service, I opened an account recently, since then Takealot of spammed me with marketing newsletters - I kept asking them to unsubscribe me, to which they responded they'd do so - but didn't.

In the latest edition of spam - I asked them to delete the account if they're unable to stop simple marketing. Their choice was to delete the account.

How incompetent must you be that you'd choose that - and loose income - over just unsubscribing a customer from your spam? All the other companies manage, loot, amazon, etc... but not takealot - if you don't want their spam - they delete your account"

Isaac Richardson says

"I'm writing a review, maybe someone will take me seriously and respond to my emails. I see the website doesn't have any contact details but i sent an email to an email address that sent me an email a while back and still no response! Infact, i got an auto reply telling me they will not be replying and that I should go check my order online!!
They were supposed to deliver my package yesterday, they sent me an sms that they will arrive before 17:00, eventually they arrived at 19:00, hooted at the gate, tried to call once and then sped away. Within 2 minutes I received an sms from takealot saying I am not home! I tried to call with no answer, the second time the guy answered but my airtime died and he didn't call back. Imagine that kind of service from the delivery man. When I get my item I will never use takealot again and All the people who i brought with me who were buying stuff will stop as well!"

Brendan says

"Absolutely terrible service.
Ordered 3 item on 27 November. Out of 3 only 2 were in stock.
Items were supposed to be delivered on 14 December. Still waiting on 15 December.
Been through 5 plus agents. All promise to "Escalate it to the relevant department"."

Mduduzi David says

"i am super disappointed in this company order two colognes in two weeks they both came half seems like it has been used i mean really guys this is the most worse experience of my life"

Roslynd Rosëin Dacey says

"I ordered 3 products from Take-a-lot over the Black Friday weekend. When I checked out and before I paid, I was taken to a screen to choose a free product, I chose a cheap chinese headlamp as the free gift. I thought that I would give this to my father for his birthday which was in a few days. When my order arrived, there was NO packing slip, the box had one piece of tape to seal it closed and the delivery sticker and barcode sticker were placed on either side of the tape. The box contained 3 x items. 1 x of these items was the free gift, the headlamp. The other 2 x items are those which I had paid for however the 1 x item I had paid for was missing. I complained to Take-a-lot. First they informed me that if the box was not damaged, they would not be held liable. I complained further, sending them pictures of how pathetically the box had been sealed, etc. I also sent them pictures of the free gift which had 2 x sticker barcodes, the label of the product which was missing and another barcodes sticker. Now Take-a-lot has informed me that I must return the free gift (which I have already given to my father for his birthday), and they will then replace the missing item I purchased but never received. This is blatant THEFT...... I PAID FOR A PRODUCT WHICH NEVER ARRIVED and Take-a-lot has REFUSED to acknowledge that the product I PAID FOR was not delivered to me. This is DISGUSTING BEHAVIOUR on the part of Take-a-lot. It is theft, they have stolen money from me"

Craig Anderson says

"I have never seen a company treat its sellers/partners so badly. I have spend tens of thousands of rands buying stock, getting all the packaging and labels to be compliant with Takealots rules. Now I cant even place my first order to send in stock, I have send over 50 emails, written on their facebook wall. no matter what they just ignore you. The support agent that did replied told me the solution to my problem is clicking the button that I cant click. I mean where do they find these people, do you need any form of education to work at takealot or do they just hire anyone? Anyone that is thinking of selling on Takealot. Dont waste your time, I found a much better platform. Spudslist and they are actually focused on customer service."

Suzette Coetzee says

"Takelot send me the wrong size and color heaboard that i bought on special from them. They claim out of stock while the wrong item was send in 1st place. Several emails was send to several persons as everytime there is a new person working on the query not having any knowledge of previous correspondance. Everyone just doing their own thing. Promising to escalate and never following up. Just ignoring all correspondance. When enquiring to contact details of the supplier as well as takelot ceo details. Just passing credit without supplying
any contact details or trying to resolve error from their side. Unacceptable practice."

Mary says

"Why is takelot hiding bad reviews on products. Is this legal?"

Sylvi Nkomi says

"The drivers don't contact you when the arrive,this is the third time when they said I wasn't available yet I was never notified that my delivery is outside,or maybeImust wait at the streetuntilthey arrive cos they don'tknockor even phone,I guess I'm supposed to smell that someone is at my gate even without knocking or phoning."

Bruno Zanette says

"Takealot asked me to return my camera for a memory card which was missing , now they have no stock of the camera . This for a R300 memory card which was missing"

Matt Miller says

"Terrible! My order was delayed for weeks and Take alot did not notify me at all. I asked for a replacement of a similar value and I only received robotic answers informing me that the originally ordered product hadn't been received yet. As a middle man, it is essential that you inform your client if something goes wrong.

Please don't use this company"

Tanya Harvey says

"Order placed, after making sure that ALL ITEMS available in CPT as per their site information. Week and a half later, no products delivered. Order details showed expected delivery almost 4 weeks later. Went in and questioned the delay, was told 1 of the 5 products were not in CPT and their systems don't always work when item scanned out. Not my problem. I paid for products at a certain time, and expected it to be delivered within 2 to 3 says as initially stated at time of placing order. I even canceled the 1 item which held the delivery up, only to be told that the remaining items in the order will only be delivered 4 days later. Phoned to speak to management, to no avail and consultant Sikile at CPT Foresure branch quoting terms and conditions and refusing to divulge or route my call to management for further assistance. Absolutely disgusted with Takealot. Suggest they relook at their systems and delivery protocol. A customer makes an order, and pay for the order. If Takealot has a system error, why must the customer experience a delay on the remainder of the order. Deliver the balance of the items, apologize for the delay in the actual item you waiting on and state when expected delivery will take place. Takealot cannot sit on customers money for weeks and then only deliver. Unethical."

Nivashni Naidoo says

"I opted to have my package delivered but was unable to receive it on the delivery date therefore I had come to the takealot pick up point at Mountedgecom. I had informed the manager about my situation who then informed me that I am unable to receive my package even though I am at the pick up point to fetch it. The manager had also called head office and informed them about this. Firstly, I am entitled to my package. Secondly, why shouldn't I be given my package if I have the proof of payment and tracking order. I am extremely disgusted with the service received from takealot, the staff and management. I waited almost an hour for my package and still have not received it. I also tried to get the contact number from the internet but there was no number therefore I was unable to make any alternate arrangements. The staff could not understand my point and only pointed out what the policy was. Just disgusted with takealot"

Concerned says

"Before a sale, sellers on Takealot inflate prices. Once the discount is applied, you are paying the same, if not more than the general retail price. I contacted them re: this issue and they claim to have no control."

Emma says

"I've ordered from takealot many times, and it usually works great. But when it doesn't, it's awful. They sent me half of the right order, and the other half is completely wrong. I wish they made returning things a little bit easier, but now I just have 1 pound of toffee."

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